state of art lighting

Uplighting is an excellent way to make the walls of your venue appear more colorful and interesting. Typically we will place lights at the bottom of the wall and aim them upward to highlight architectural features, add a sense of depth or create a broad wash of color that you can adjust to match the theme of your event. You will find that up-lighting can add a great deal of warmth to a venue for your special occasion. Up-lighting is a fast and easy way to dress up your event space. Use it to add splashes of color to neutral surfaces such as columns or unadorned walls.

We are proud to use LED (light-emitting diode) lights, the latest in technological innovations in event lighting to handle all your uplighting needs. Wireless LED Uplighting use less energy than conventional lights and are great for the environment

We work behind the scenes to design beautiful lighting to transform your wedding into a truly memorable event.