Indoor /outdoor Video Wall Rental 

Sometimes my clients ask me about all the dance floor extras like firework machines and extra lighting. I always say one of the best investments to elevate your wedding reception celebrations is hiring a LED video wall. 

This is a Big screen that consist of Smaller LED Panel that can display images or video in HD quality. You can show a pre-wedding video, slideshow of precious memories or play video messages from people who weren’t able to attend the wedding.  Later you can play cool imagery when everyone is grooving on the dance floor. That acts as lighting, entertainment and raises the vibe of the party all at the same time. 

Led Video Wall Rental for Wedding in DC VA MD
Led Video Wall Panel Rental DC VA MD

These days many couples are using the LED wall to set up Zoom so wedding guests can attend the wedding virtually and give congratulations and speeches. Even if they can’t be there in person they can appear on the big screen like movie stars!

As an investment in wedding day entertainment the LED video wall really gives you a lot of value. The cost for a 5×7 feet wall starts from $2,000 for a 5 hour event including installation and dismantle. Bigger sizes are available for additional cost. The LED video wall offers entertainment, decoration and information.

Our LED Video Wall can also be used to smoothly wrap up the celebration at the end of the night, . We can show some customized scenes or a message from the bride and groom as I bring the music slowly down to a jiving vibe. 

Your wedding reception is going to be totally epic and I can’t wait to see you all dancing the night away to my sounds! Feel free to message  DJ Taba with any questions about adding the trendy and functional LED video wall to your DJ package. 

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