Cyro Co2 Gun

Co2 Cannons – Confetti luncher

Persian Wedding DJ Cyro C02 Gun | CYRO C02 Cannons Gun | LED CO2 Cryo Cannon | DJ Taba

Keep your crowd engaged, cool, and excited! C02 Gun will blast out plumes of frozen liquid Co2 in the form of smoke that provides a cooling sensation, smoke will disappears seconds after you stop spraying, its very easy to to operate and its safe to inhale, We place C02 tank next to DJ booth, and connect it to the gun with 8ft high pressure hose to be used on stage, We also offer backpack accessory to help facilitate easier movement around dance floor


CO2 guns also provide an inexpensive way to launch confetti .simply load the gun with confetti and pull the trigger, in a single-use 12g CO2 cartridge launches confetti 15 to 20 feet high over the crowd , Fill the air with huge pieces of fluttering brightly colored tissue


CYRO CO2 Cannons and Cyro jets are effects that big productions use at concerts, festivals, weddings, and other special events It doesn’t requires expensive license. Best of all it WON’T trigger any indoor smoke alarm system, keep in mind some venue might require you to obtain special permit to use it. or they might charge you a cleaning fee If you use confetti, Contact us for more details



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