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Most frequent questions and answers

There are so many factors that determine pricing for an event there so many add-ons that you can package with a DJ so be sure to contact me for a quote. Most of my clients tend to set aside between 5% and 10% of their overall budget for wedding entertainment because they understand the difference in a bargain DJ and a professional DJ. In general My fee range from $3000 to $5000 Again, it’s always best to contact me for a quote 

I specialize in Persian and multi-cultural wedding receptions and club events,

I rarely book an event without meeting a couple in person to let them interview me and see if I’m a good fit for their wedding. If you’re planning your wedding from out of the Washington DC area we can always chat over the phone or do a Skype call when it’s convenient for you. I’m also very flexible on when we can meet since I know some brides are either working full-time or in school. A lot of my meetings take place in the evenings but I’m available during the day as well.

I’m located in Washington DC area, and there’s no travel fee as long as your venue is reasonably close to the area. I do travel for destination weddings and Private parties all around the world

Yes, I have liability insurance and most venues will require that your DJ has at least a $1mil liability policy. Liability insurance protects the venue in case of unforeseen equipment falling and causing harm as well as provides medical compensation to the person in need. It’s a very rare circumstance that it would ever need to be used but it’s very important to be sure your DJ has a policy before booking them. If a client doesn’t find out until the wedding day that the venue requires it and they’ve hired a DJ without insurance it could mean the DJ won’t be able to setup and perform for the wedding.

I collect a %40 deposit to reserve your date at time of signing the contract and the remaining balance is due 10 days before your event. I accept cash, credit card, check, Paypal, Venmo and Zelle.

Every event is unique in its own way and every couple have different taste of music, Im more than happy to go over all the songs request you have. I have some clients that are really into music and like to be more involved in the playlist than others  simply give me a few songs that they like and I pick out other ones to fit. Think of it as your own human Pandora! During the dancing at your wedding it’s my job to observe what your guests enjoy and play the music that keeps them on the dance floor.

Yes, We offer contracts that protect you as well. It does not include any sneaky fine print or confusing legal wording…just peace of mind! It includes all of your reception information and the fees you’ll expect to pay.

This all depends on how much set-up time is needed. We usually arrive at least 2 hours before your reception to make sure everything is completely set up and tested by the time your first guest arrives. For larger weddings we may need additional set-up time.

We use the latest in professional sound equipment. ElectroVoice, TurboSound, Yorkvill, Shure, Crown, Bose, and JBL are just a few of the name brands we use. We also use professional wireless microphones for all announcements. we make sure all wires are kept out of sight for a very clean and organized appearance. After all, you spend lots of money on making everything look elegant so why should the DJ’s set-up be any different?